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Waterproofing materials

Waterproofing materials for the roof

Waterproof roofing is very important in the construction of the cottage. This important issue should be addressed at the stage of construction of the building. Cost of equipping the minimum protection. However, you will get rid of the need to repair the roof is often your home and attic. On principal types of waterproofing can be found in our publication.

waterproofingMastic waterproofing

Mastic is suitable for waterproofing flat roofs as self-sufficient material for roofing. Scope of the mastic coating extends from the apartment to the industrial building.

It is formed immediately on the surface of the roof by applying a viscous liquid polymer products that form a coherent elastic membrane. Organic polymer mastic endowed with excellent adhesion to metal, concrete and asphalt. They are easy to work on waterproofing components, joints and seams.

One type of protection is the common polyurethane, which is applied to the roof of the liquid bulk method. After complete drying and curing, the coating looks like a solid rubber material. Polyurethane mastic very resistant to aggressive environments, UV rays, oxidation, chemical corrosion and temperature changes (from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius).

Waterproof film

Another form of protection against moisture roofs of houses is a solid polymer film. It is covered with a layer of laminate polypropylene fabric that is resistant to tearing and stretching. For the removal of condensate and steam, in some types of thin films provides perforation.

The film is set to be coated roof. It will ensure water resistance design, facilitating the conclusion steam outdoor space. This is very important in cases falling under the roof rain water or snow. Moreover, with the correct use there is no excessive waterlogging or increased thermal conductivity. Operating temperature range: -40 to +80 degrees.


Okleechnoy waterproof coiled well represented ordinary roofing, tar paper, polyester, asphalt, fiberglass and other materials.

This is a fairly common means of protection (due to its affordability and ease of installation.) They are fixed to the roof sheathing nails or screws before putting the roof covering.

Waterproof tile

Certain types of tile are endowed with high vlagoizolyatsionnymi properties. Most moisture resistant material - it bitumen, used to make shingles. It is very easy to install, durable. It does not require any maintenance. Vlagoizolyatsionnye good properties has shingles, which is composed of cement and sand. It is made from a mixture of pure quartz sand and ordinary cement. Over time, this roofing continues to gain strength. It does not lose its moisture resistance. Another type of cover for the roof - is based on a ceramic tile that has good quality vlagoizolyatsionnye. However, over time it starts to absorb water.

Sheet Waterproofing

Tough waterproof sheet is issued on the basis of plastic or metal, which are attached to the roof by welding, screws or bolts. The most common materials for houses - an ordinary stainless steel, lead, copper, aluminum.

Of man-made materials are also popular pvc plastic and vinyl, which have particularly resistant to aggressive media.

Waterproof plaster

Another method is to apply waterproofing polymer-cement plaster. This environmentally friendly material, which is made on the basis of dry building mixes and specialty materials, fillers. But this type of vapor barrier is a serious flaw - a tendency to crack.

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