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Five stages of building a house

Country House - not just a house or cottage, a collection of various buildings and structures (such as a garage, sauna, guest houses, arbors, etc.), which are intended for permanent residence or for a regular family vacation. Here you can invite guests, organize picnics. And as usual country house is also a piece of land there, you get a great pleasure from the unity with nature.
Construction of the country house - it is not easy: there is a huge number of questions that we will try to answer.

Step 1 - Select the site for construction

First of all, decide the area you require plot. It should be neither too large nor too small. Select a site should be based on the total area of the house you want to build on it. The approximate proportion that it is worth to observe, - one to ten. For a house of 200 square meters. m requires 20 hectare plot. Nobody Calls for an exact match of this proportion, but if it is broken fatally, the liquidity of your future real estate plummet. Site selection - the first step in building a house. Besides the legal aspects of buying land, the physical characteristics of the soil and the availability of communications, always pay attention also to the following:
•    scenic surroundings
•    remoteness of the site from the neighboring houses
•    sun rose houses and trees
•    there are no restrictions on the location of the area and the height of buildings
•    environmental situation in the region
•    telephone at home opportunity
•    availability of operating companies
•    Having a centralized garbage collection, mail delivery
•    municipal road maintenance
•    for coverage of construction and completed buildings
•    access hospitals, shops, post office, beaches and playgrounds

Two-stage selection of the project at home

Search project at home can be one of the most exciting phases in the construction of their own home. Take time to think about what you want out of your future home, just make a list of your priorities. And we hope that you will find your desired design from our database.
Now that the necessary objective and priorities identified your future home, begin to consider projects they meet. Considering the plans, remember that many of the projects allow internal alterations that do not affect the provisions of the bearing walls - accordingly, you can remove unnecessary or create additional internal partitions, changing area of some rooms and, of course, change their destination. If the project some room marked as a "cabinet" or "bedroom", it reflects only a representation of abstract architect who lives in the house and you can not directly affected. Your task - to understand if you are satisfied with the overall design solution. In this case, pay special attention to the fact you think it convenient placement of toilets and bathrooms: their position is linked to the engineering part of the project and can not be changed without a corresponding change on the part of telecommunications. Looking at pictures, try to mentally put the house on his land. In this case, try to ignore the color of the picture (especially if he does not particularly like you]: the color of the walls and roof of your home will depend solely on what concrete cladding and roofing materials you choose in the construction process.
If you do not like the type of lining in the figure, imagine the same house faced with another material suitable for you to color. Very often, this allows us to re-evaluate the merits of a project. If in the façade confuses you only the location of doors and windows, and after studying the plan, you can see that moving them to your taste easily linked to the internal layout, safely buy project.
Moving windows and doors or size changes can be made during the construction of the architect of the contractor or designer, you are later going to trust interiors. Important "but" in the project, you can change a lot, but not everything.
Remember that the finished house project is the result of a complex and highly professional work of the architect, which requires not only artistic flair and a sense of space, but also purely technical considerations. So do not buy a wooden house design and build it out of bricks: the characteristic of the wall material originally incorporated in the project, and can not be changed. For the same reason you can not change the size and floors, as well as "initiative" to redo a loft attic. In such cases, you need to enlist the help of an architect and finalize the draft.
Remember that the finished projects of cottages define common technical and architectural aspects of the building. Individuality of his style will largely depend on you. Dignity of finished projects is precisely in the fact that some of them you can always find one on which to build a house of your dreams.

Three-phase building permit

In accordance with paragraph 1 of Art. 51 of the Town Planning Code building permit is a document confirming that the project documentation requirements of the urban plan of the land and giving the developer the right to construct, reconstruct capital construction projects, and their repairs.
To obtain a permit for the construction of individual housing construction contractor shall prepare the following documents:
•    application for a construction permit;
•    documents of title to the land;
•    development plan of land;
•    scheme of land planning organization designation location of the object of individual housing construction.
When applying for a building permit, it should be borne in mind that it is issued without charge for a period stipulated by the project organization (if the idea of capital construction). Permission for individual housing construction is issued for ten years. If necessary, it can be extended at the request of the developer (to be filed no later than 60 days before the expiration of the permit.)
When the right to a land plot to another person a building permit does not lose its validity. That is, after the purchase of new land owner has the right to build on it a home or other property where the holder to issue all the necessary documents.

Stage 4-contractor selection

Do not trust in a row all in a row! Selection of the contractor - perhaps the most important stage in the construction of a country house. That depends on contractors, turned into a pretty picture in your dream home.
Group of Companies "their home" will help you with this. We work with experienced builders, engineers and supervisors who have higher education in construction, access to specialized works perfectly perform any construction work. Our company, in collaboration with its partners a full range of design, construction and installation work at the highest professional level.
When choosing a contractor should be considered:
1. Complexity.
The work of "turnkey" package providing full warranty and post warranty services.
2. A systematic approach.
Account all aspects and nuances of how to enter into a construction contract, and during its execution and completion of construction.
3. Transparency.
Planning stages of the work, the timing of construction from excavation to commissioning, forecasting results and complete control of the customer.
4. Measurable results.
A system of measurable results.
5. Reputation.
Recommendations and appreciation of our customers.
6. Strong team.
Professional competence of professionals, supported by practical results.

Stage 5-finance the construction of

1. Background:
•    Cost of land
•    Costs of external utilities (gas, electric-in, etc.)
•    The base price of 1 m2 cottage
2. Sources of funding:
•    Your own money.
•    Mortgage
•    Government grant under the program "Young Family"
•    Maternal capital
•    Credit purchase some building materials.
Approximate cost of construction of your home, you can count on the following rates for certain types of work and adding the costs to plan budget construction.
All the work, depending on the size of the house and the chosen technology takes from 4 to 9 months.

Building a house - a complex and lengthy. However, at each stage, you must remember that you are one of the most important things in his life.

Now you are ready for construction, contact with project and the result of geological research in the relevant contractor. In general, the construction process includes the following steps:
•    excavation for foundations
•    drainage device
•    training under the foundation base
•    installation of concrete foundations foundation
•    Air base unit
•    device (installation) foundation walls
•    device (installation) basement floor
•    basement waterproofing
•    building the walls of the first floor
•    device (installation) of the first floor ceiling
•    building the walls of the second floor
•    installation of roof
•    insertion of windows and doors
•    interior decoration (including the installation of communications)
•    exterior design of the structure
•    trash and neighborhood improvement
In the final phase of construction is necessary to make all legal documents for the house and register it in the form of local government, in other words, take the house in operation.

Additional Information:
•    What is a "box construction"? - Foundation + wall + roof: no windows, doors and insulation.
•    What is a "turn-key house?" - Build a box with a fully closed-loop heat the building and engineering equipment.
•    What is a "Home for fit"? - House + turnkey rough finish inside + + final finishing outside engineering equipment. Usually, this concept does not include painting, finishing floors (laminate), interior doors, stairs, appliances, heating devices, but includes the cost of work related to their installation.
If you do not have enough funds to finance the construction of the entire volume, but there is a desire to build a house in the calculation that in time you will have the money, it makes sense to keep the work in stages - construction of the box to the finished home.

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