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Water house

Water house

Water house can be:

- Centralized, from village networks (for single family homes);

- Stand-pipes in the village networks (for group homes);

- Well (for one or two houses).

Distinguished two types of wells: mine and tubular (drill).

Dug wells are used for groundwater abstraction, which occur at the depth of the aquifer 30 meters.

Tubular (drilling) wells are usually fine for water at a depth of over 30 meters. They are well, the walls of which are fixed casing metal pipes. The upper part of the well must be protected from contamination by the device tip, which also serves as mounting water-lifting equipment.

Water house is arranged so that the water from the well through the pipes supplied to the house, where the system is maintained constant pressure special container or tank with water drive, which can be installed in the attic.

To install the tank water drive is necessary to provide special designs (usually metal beams of rolled profiles - channels, I-beams), transmit load-bearing walls of the building.

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